DN (2.7.1992 / Malaysia)

His Chained Demon Within

There is a young man i know both honest and kind,
Good looking on the outside, a genius with his mind,
An eloquent speaker, he always knows what to say,
A trustworthy friend of mine that always anybody's day,

He is a master strategist in the art of war,
A true fighter that can easily leave his enemies on the floor,
But beyond the outer fabrics, he has a void deep inside,
A devil caged within in chains that he carefully hides,

Once he breaks their chains and lets his demons loose,
He becomes a different man, only chaos he will produce,
They consume him, they embrace him, those demons within,
Giving him a demonic aura that flares from his outer skin,

Those that know little of him have never seen such a sight,
Those that truly know him know this hidden darkness in the light,
He is a man of danger that hides his strength in the shadows,
Only in true danger does his hidden power shows.

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sounds like someone I know of...nice poem