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His Erotic Fiction

Poem By Face Butter

The communion is…
His deep penetrations
Leaving me dazed
He claims it was love
Since the first sight of my cat eyes
Little innocent me
His easy pick from black planet
We simply clicked…
Then to the next page
I wake up in bliss
His hands all over my hips
With a wide tongue I can’t ignore
Always needing more
Un-tamed body
Sugar addict
Begs for this almond joy
He carries me quickly
Over to his bed drenched with jugglery
This acrobatic niche
Penetrating me
Like his whore
Spreading seeds of lust
In such a rush
Robbery of this consumer’s directions
Whispering in my ears
“I love you”
But can he really love
Someone he only knows
In the bedroom?
As he thrust
Deep thrust

And he sings to me the blues
Picking selectively this naïve fruit
His hungry fingers ventures
Squeezing my ripe 36C mangoes
Sticky hands
He licks
Inserting with notation
His erect instrument
A saxophone articulating
Swaying musical high scores
Greeting falsification of sweet amour
Engraved on my page
Is his erotic fiction
(c) 1/2006FaceButter

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Comments (4)

Love this work of yours it really gets my blood boiling deep thrusts i like that www.peterlebuhn.com c ya
a very original writing! I was amazed by the way you used the words and metaphores! Elya Thorn
:) :) :) Face Butter How do you feel about Erotic Non-Fiction
Hi Face Butter, this is a very slick piece of erotic fiction indeed. With the receiver of his ardour, only too aware that it is fiction. I loved especially the line. 'A saxophone articulating', it gives a wonderful image of the encounter! lol 10 from Tai