His Everything

I'm all dressed up
I'm sitting here waiting
But what am I waiting for
No one is coming

I guess this is what lonliness does
It makes you do silly things
So that's why I'm dressed up
That's why I'm waiting

People think I'm happy
Surrounded by my friends
And all my family
Who'll be there to the end

I don't know what is missing
Nothing seems enough
I have everyone around me
To help when times get tough

But something is still wrong
I don't know what it is
I suppose I'll find out in due time
Maybe it's cause I want to be his

I want to be his all
The one he turns to
For his voice is sweet
And his eyes are true

I love him so much
He's everything to me
When I'm with him
I'm always happy

by Shazza Rixx

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