His Final Justice

Even though He's an unchanging God filled with compassion and love,
Soon His Righteous Justice will be poured down on earth from above.

Throughout time God has reached down to earth with unmerited Grace,
All who believe will be taken from the earth before this takes place.

Although through the years both Jews and Christians have been hated,
The Eternal Will of a Holy Unchanging God will never be frustrated.

Because of God's long-suffering some men have said that He is dead,
But these deceived and arrogant people have no idea of what's ahead.

God's patience will finally end in the time of a wicked generation,
Then The Church will be removed and God will start the Tribulation.

The Time of Jacob's Trouble is the name for this time of tribulation,
It's when God deals with His People and judges every other nation.

It will be just as in the time Noah, right before Jesus comes again,
For He's coming the second time to judge the world and all its sin.

Because Israel rejected Christ the first time, according to The Word,
Zechariah states the total of the nation left will only be one third.

Because the enemies of God are so filled with hate and so enraged,
God said if He didn't cut short the time that no flesh would be saved.

God will end His Holy Wrath with a Spirit of Grace and Supplication,
Again they will be His People and He will be The God of their nation.

(Copyright © 02/2003)

by Bob Gotti

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