His Gift

The gift it lies within you
It’s sits there wrapped up tight
It’s a gift one day you’ll open up
When God says the time is right

It’s a gift to do His bidding
It’s a gift that’ll change your life
And it will change the lives of others
And take away all your strife

But the puzzle has many pieces
And right now they just don’t fit
To see the bigger picture
You must not ever quit

The devil will try to deceive you
He’ll make your gift feel wrong
He’ll say it is a weakness
But in fact it will make you strong

He knows this gift can defeat him
So he will do his best
To wear you down and wear you out
Just know he will not rest

He will use the ones that love you
To make you feel ashamed
But just know our savior Jesus
Was ridiculed and defamed

This curse it is a blessing
One day you’ll truly know
That this thing you feel it holds you back
Will make your spirit grow

For our ways are not the Lord’s ways
And we are not as smart
As the maker of the heavens and earth
And the maker of your heart

When they were told about a savior
A warrior I bet they thought
A man with the arms like a gladiator
But the man they saw did not

He rode upon a donkey
And stories He did tell
They turned their backs on the man they saw
They bid the man farewell

They laughed as tortured and beat Him
Then they hung Him on a cross
The one’s who believed He was the one
Now believed that all was lost

“How could God do this to us? ”
“This Jesus I depise”
Then they threw the body inside a tomb
They did not know He’d rise

I bet they thought they knew it all
And had everything figured out
The man to save them from an oppressive life
But that’s not what it was about

This man He came to save them
He came to open up a door
A line to their creator
It wasn’t there before

Your Father truly loves you
For He sent His only son
And He hung His boy upon a Cross
And said that “It is done”

It wasn’t to make Himself look good
But to show His love is true
It will never leave and will never quit
He did this for me and you

This gift you have, it’s yours to share
One day I know you’ll see
The change you want in this crazy world
Is the change you have to be

by Ryan Lee Morris

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