Nature is beautiful
nature is fun
love it or hate it
nature is something to love
nature is god's gift to us

Nature we love
wate and feed nature
Nature water's and feed's us
god gave us nature
we cant live with out it
nature makes us

i know nature
Nature is beautiful
Nature is about the earth
nature has flower; s and weed's
weed's or flower's nature is us

by kerri king

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'Turning to his wife Who has been following closely behind with his oxygen tank And the all important defibrillator just in case The government reports an increase in the unemployment rate Or his enlarged heart decides to quit' Witty piece on aging and americana... you know the spanish consider the kidneys with the same importance that americans consider the heart?
The only thing I know about senator Robert Byrd is his habit of carrying a copy of the constitution with him at all times. Doesn't seem to have done much for his constitution though. Anyway. A powerfully compelling piece, Ted. t x