His Gracious Guidance

He touched me from Heaven above and filled me with His tender Love,
For Christ said we were to be wise as serpent, but harmless as dove.

He moved on me from the start to learn to love Him with all my heart,
As this gracious change in my heart was indeed the message to impart.

He made my troubled anguish cease and filled me with a gentle peace,
Around this world it will not be, yet in my heart it shall increase.

He helped me in due time to see what it was that He wanted me to be,
Which was someone to share with the world his or her Eternal needs.

He helped me deal with each daily nuisance with a God given patience,
As evidence to all around me that Christ makes a profound difference.

He helps me each and every day with all the words I needed to say,
For He just might bring one in need of The Word across my path today.

He taught me how to deal with abruptness with a true loving-kindness,
For people, like I once did, are dealing with a Spiritual blindness.

He helped me through The Spirit to walk all of the words that I talk,
For it's hypocrisy inside The Church that makes people outside balk.

He changed my tendency to be coy, by filling me with His Eternal Joy.
Not an emotion for a time to enjoy but something no one can destroy.

He filled me with a Holy Fear to understand that His return was near,
As a Christian my duty is clear, you must be ready, when He appears.

(Copyright © 05/2002)

by Bob Gotti

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