His Heart

Poem By Luke Bushen

He brought me to an empty room, it’s area dimly lit.
Seemingly forgotten, nothing inhabited it.
But, mattered not the lonely state of that room, so bleak,
For now His glory filled it’s midst and He began to speak.
“Child” He said, “I’ve brought you here to reveal to you my heart.
It’s joys and triumphs, it’s aches and pains, it’s every single part.
I’ve brought you here to show you the things for which I care and love,
To show you the divine will of my Father God above.”
He opened up a door, and, from inside, came blinding light;
Tremendous rays of different colors, a truly awesome sight.
And oh! The sound of angel songs, beautiful melody.
The moment so enchanting, glorious and heavenly.

Then suddenly darkness overtook the blissful scene.
Thick blackness bore down, and from the distance came a scream;
A painful cry begging for help, and chilling to the bone,
And then came into view a lonely soul without a home.
A girl stumbling through the darkness. Then the vision grew,
Thousands of men woman and children all came into view.
Rich and poor, young and old, all captive to their chains,
Searching through the darkness for a light to heal their pains.
Their cries and screams for help will never from my mind depart,
And above all the chaos, God said, “This is My Heart.”

He leads my eyes next to a luscious valley, thick and green,
“I painted this” He said, of the uniquely peaceful scene.
He shows me mountains, waterfalls, the oceans, the sky,
The different plants He made so intricate, He leads me by.
All creatures of creation, each unique pieces of art,
My eyes behold this beauty as He says, “This is My Heart.”

I see the space that looms outside our planets atmosphere,
The sea of stars that stand in outer space’s stunning frontier.
Galaxies that stretch beyond any mans maps or charts,
I gaze in awestruck wonder as He says, “This is My Heart.”

I see the cross at Calvary, the awesome sacrifice,
The nail-pierced hands, the nail-pierced feet, the ultimate paid price.
I see the king upon the throne, the Lion and the Lamb,
The Father, Savior, Sheppard, Healer, and the great I Am.
Breathless, I once again stand inside the dark empty room,
He turns toward me and says, “This is My Heart, it’s for you.”

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