LMH (7/27/89 / Russia)

His Heartbreaking Charade

Thinking back she wants to relive the memory
But instantly realizing it would be the end of her sanity
It was nothing but a slow song
It felt so perfect, but they both knew it was so wrong
Every place his hand lay
Was another feeling she would later have to betray
They slowly swayed in the night
His eyes being her only light
Her heart not being able to roam
For in his arms she felt at home
She knows that he’s the one she wants to be with
But him staying with her is just another myth
Her vision clouded but him made her realize
That they were living on nothing but innocent lies
She closes her eyes and begins to fade
She’s so sick of playing in his heartbreaking charade
Everything has turned into one huge game
And their friendship will never be the same
He tugs on her heartstrings
Her love she brings
He pushes her away
Just like that, he doesn’t have anything to say
He ignores her thinking it’s fun
She’s so tired of it, she’s done

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