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His Highness, The Sun
MGS ( / Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

His Highness, The Sun

Upon your throne,
you are majestic resplendence!
Dispensing radiant beams,
responding to man's dependence
Your Royal Brightness
warmly nurture at day's birth
Quickening persons and living things
residing upon earth
Your brilliance wholly obscure the
dark of night,
As you stir creatures below
into song and flight
Glittering is the spectacle,
silently glowing in exalted position
Your imperial presence
dispose us to mirthful disposition
We dally in your splendor,
in perfect delight when you're near
Though not close as
your dazzling warmth seem to appear
O effulgent one,
we are awed at your scintillating stance,
Beholding your aura,
though daring to do it, but with a glance

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