His Holy Spirit

From the very beginning of time,
His presence was deeply felt.
Even as a newborn baby
In the manger where He dwelt.

When He was twelve and in the Temple,
The scholars sought His grace.
For it was there, they plainly saw
The love glow on His face.

Then when He stood in Pilates' hall
Before the angry crowd.
What Pilate saw spoke to him,
Of this deed, he was not proud.

Then when He hung there on the cross,
His face contorted in agony.
One could see His willingness
To die for you and me.

Then when He arose from the grave
And to Heaven did ascend.
He left His wonderous spirit here,
On which we can depend.

If you've ever been alone
And felt a peace surreal.
That's His holy presence,
He's kindly letting you feel.

by Gladys Darlene Browning

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