His Leadership Saved A Ship From Sinking

Their entire reality,
Is based upon what they believe...
From behind the steering wheels,
Of their cars.
And without them their lives,
Would be unliveable and scarred.

He came in from a fresh election,
To save that industry.
Only to have people see the thieves...
Flying into Washington, D.C.
In their private jets,
To plead selfishly...
For more money to feed.

His leadership saved,
A ship from sinking!

The biggest crooks in town,
Left banks and Wall Street...
Turned upside down.

And again...
His leadership saved,
A ship from sinking!

The housing industry was over built and bleeding.
Those given mortgages,
Couldn't afford homes they received.
The rich got richer...
As jobs were outsourced overseas.
Where it was cheaper,
To fill hot pockets...
And to grease the palms of thieves.
While those in the middle class...
Paid handsomely by these misdeeds.

And the people seem they wish to forget,
A prior administration...
Created this wreck.
And yet,
He of color was the best one to get...
To save a ship from sinking.

People feel uneasy,
That he of ability...
Has taken the helm of this ship!
And they want to blame him for everything.
Even the irresponsibility...
Those prior to his leadership,
Have made no pronouncements...
Of regretting the mess they left!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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