His Load

Poem By Janice M Pickett

Every move we make
Every step me take
is yet another test of our ability
to be everything we can be

I knew a man once
carried the weight of the world on his back

He made it his business to take on everything
No matter what it was or who it was about

Any scandal became his
Every murder
Every rape, he'd analyse it and keep it with him
making it his topic for conservations

As his life moved along
so did his accumulated trials and victories
until he was so laden with the lives of others
he could no longer remember who he

Lost in this world of confusion
he loaded up all his accumulated problems
good and bad
and headed off to see the world on his bike

As he ventured out into the wilderness
he found his load slowly falling by the roadside
He was so busy concentrating on
the open fields and wonderful
scenery that the few thoughts of others
still balancing behind him
were getting less and less

Finally nothing hindered his journey further
and in joy and final peace
the worn down man
found a new set of values and
realised that this was his life and his alone
and he understood
finally how to achieve
a happier, more productive
way of living

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Wow i really like this, nicely done

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