His Love

I met my love
Underneath a tree
Someone I though I disliked
And didn't want to see.

In the silence of the meadows
Where my heart ran free.
There He was, the real Love
The one I could not see.

The blades of grass
The gentle breeze.
The lovely daisies
Became beautiful to me.

This love that I found
So wonderful to me.
Shown me his beauty
I said, how can this be?

I gave Him my life
For He'd given His.
He gave me new life
So now I'm all His.

This God that I found
Is so merciful and true.
For what He is to me
He'll be the same to you.

Now the beauty of life
So glad and really free.
With my wonderful love
Whom I feel but can't see.

by Cecelia Weir

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