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His Name Was Baron
BAA (06OCT58 / Alton, IL)

His Name Was Baron

I've seen death
and dead people.
By fire
and so much more.
I've seen death by disease.
I've seen the death of men and women
of infants, children, and adults.
I've seen bodies crushed beyond recognition
and dead bodies without a mark on them.
I've heard people scream
and I've heard people cry
I've heard people tell me they were dying.
Then I watched as they did.
I've seen people fight and struggle to live
and I've heard them give up their last dying breath.
I've smelled bodies dead,
For days, weeks, months and, yes, even years.
With cool detached professionalism, I've informed families that their loved one was gone
and I've watched as the Spectre of Grief descended on the room bringing sorrow to all.
I thought after all that death I would somehow be immune to the sting death brings.
I was wrong!
I lost my best friend yesterday.
We met fifteen years ago when he was born.
He gave me all one hundred five years of his life.
Every single day he gave unconditional love.
Every day he accepted all my love.
He knew all my faults and loved me anyway.
My life is harder now without him.
My life is lonelier now that I've lost my best friend.
If you aren't a dog lover you can't know what I'm feeling.
My dog died yesterday and the sharp sting of death is so painful, it's almost unbearable.
I loved him so much!
His name was

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