His Past, His Future

Just let’s look at Him born in a mang’r,

for the wrongs committ’d by the first man;

the wrongs that cause us much, much pain

that we crash our skin until blood gushes out!

Just let’s look at how He fast’d and pray’d,

tempt’d by the serpent

wanting to prevent Him from fulfilling His Holy plans

to save our souls from these wrongs!

Just let’s peer thro’ how He was hat’d,

ev’n when He gave ‘em food and heal’d ‘em!

Just let’s imagine how they sang hosanna,

but later they nail’d Him for His Hosannas!

Just let’s now behold His Glorious Rise,

putting out faith in Him and in our Chineke Nna,

waiting for Him to come again!

by Eche Ononukwe

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