His Perfect Art

Glimpse the beauty of a butterfly's wings,
As if inspired by heavenly angelic paintings,
Soft as delicate silk, they are thus displayed,
Dusted with subtle colours, which can only fade
Once life on this earth is at a sombre end.
One thing in this great world we cannot mend,
When heaven reclaims what it owned, from the start,
These wings designed by God. His perfect art.

© Ernestine Northover

by Ernestine Northover

Comments (5)

How beautiful, your words flow with such grace. Andrew x
A circle of life, painted as only YOU seem you know how.What fine words from you again Ernestine.Love Duncan
A lovely tribute to the wonder of gods perfect art Ernestine, Thank you for reminding me, it is all around. Love to you and hubby, 10 from Tai
God has created so much beauty that man can only try to emulate. The wings of a butterfly is but one perfect example. A PERFECT poem! Brian
A beautiful mini-sonnet. Into my collection of treasured writing it goes! With warmth, Gina.