His Perfect Love

It was a chilly southern wind
That blew across an open field
Changing the design of fallen leaves
That winter had painted on the ground

From outside anyone could see him
A frail figure sitting on a chair
Staring out from a frosted window
His breath appearing and disappearing
On the cold window glass

It was a summer many years ago
When he had first seen her
Sitting outside in the warmth of the sun
Wearing a sheer fawn skirt
That outlined her delicate form

Though he had never spoken to her
Or even stopped to say hello
He had fallen deeply in love
Choosing never to change the relationship
That he had come to feel

While time and seasons
Passed quietly by
He could always be found
Watching her from his chair
This… his most perfect love

From the inside
Of a frosted window

by Cecil (C.J.) Krieger

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