His Radiating Light

Amidst the darkness of the western skies
there gleams a lone and fading weeping star.
Within the night a brilliance from afar
observes her hurting soul and hears her cries.

His scintillating ray disrupts her space
with vivid streams of incandescent glow.
An overwhelming emanating show
entices her with this resplendent grace.

His radiance will slowly change her course
and guide her dimming beam to southern airs.
Above these Texas fields he freely shares
the sparkle in his luminescent force.

Enthralled, amongst the heavens they entwine;
his dazzling lustre resurrects her light.
Their consummation yields a wondrous sight:
a glorious, illuminating shine.

Two independent bodies fuse as one
and bring majestic splendor to the sky.
Forever bound, their twinkle cannot die;
outshining even dawn's ascending sun.

by Jo Lynn Ehnes

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