CH (June/64 / New England, USA)

His Resistance Of Her

She sleeps as the moonlight illuminates her bed,
Her dog asleep at her side.
And in her dream,
He is walking hand in hand with her, both blonde as mistaken siblings,
Along the misty Rhode Island shore,
Her place of peace, a place she longed to show him.
And through her soft overgrown bangs blowing across her blue eyes,
She faces him and gently cups her hands on his face,
She looks into his eyes, although he will not look into hers.
She calmly says,
I believe I am the one woman you'd never need to fear.
She doesn't try to convince him any further.
She understands his resistance, understands his fears, his silence.
She accepts all that as a part of who he is.
It is unspoken, where they both belong in their separate worlds.
As she never asked for him either.
She gives him the most genuine and sincere smile.
Taking his hand in hers again and together they continue to walk,
Barefoot in the warm sand.
And her dream is over,
She awakens in the moonlight, still illuminating her bed,
A single tear falls onto her pillow.
Because she forgot to tell him,
She doesn't know how to let him go.

(January 2008)

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still she truges the path hand in with love soul when suolful by the mirth all around moon still bedecking by the spoted beauty of black life when swells by the breath of dream..................wondeful poem of love eloquently versed, yet luscious green ingenious across the lucidity as mused, well penned,10+, thanks fotr sharing
Warm poetic words that illuminate the soul...great write!
The last three lines are the ones that touched me the most. I am glad to have read this one- for sake of those lines. Thank you for posting this poem or I never would have known it existed.
Your words.. as if my soul is looking into a mirror.
My friend 'Subbaraman' is on to something! Best wishes.
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