His Resistance Of Her

She sleeps as the moonlight illuminates her bed,
Her dog asleep at her side.
And in her dream,
He is walking hand in hand with her, both blonde as mistaken siblings,

by Cathleen Hodgkinson Click to read full poem

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still she truges the path hand in with love soul when suolful by the mirth all around moon still bedecking by the spoted beauty of black life when swells by the breath of dream..................wondeful poem of love eloquently versed, yet luscious green ingenious across the lucidity as mused, well penned,10+, thanks fotr sharing
Warm poetic words that illuminate the soul...great write!
The last three lines are the ones that touched me the most. I am glad to have read this one- for sake of those lines. Thank you for posting this poem or I never would have known it existed.
Your words.. as if my soul is looking into a mirror.
My friend 'Subbaraman' is on to something! Best wishes.
'Dream' is a wish fulfillment - the psychologists aver!
Listening to a dream. In the Greek mythology, Zeus sent mankind two types of dreams. The first through a door, the second through the other one. One told the truth, the other a lie. Very nice Cathleen...
He knows and is aware you can not let him go! That is why he continues to reappear. Getting closer as he shares a reality both of you can define. I see no 'resistance of her' at all. I see an awakening happening to allow love wished to occur. AND, it will. Nice poem.
Love the dreamlike quality of the writing.
Pleasant dreams always seem to end too soon. A good read. Thanks Richard