His Solitude

In wildest nights of solitude
his spirit leaves all cares behind
and joins a scheduled interlude
with one whose words console his mind.

Entrancing was his lovely wife
but tragedy would end the spell.
A horrid wreck would steal her life
and leave his soul to live through hell.

The very absence of her love
would lead him to a world within.
Untouched by sorrow's wielding glove
he stopped the wretched grieving spin.

Still lost inside her memory
he searched for one to help him heal.
A door ajar would let him see
the one who'd teach his heart to feel.

He stepped out from his dark abyss
and threw his glass of blue champagne,
then let her soothing voice dismiss
the images that caused his pain.

Revived by inspiration's tone
his darkened spirit shines once more
and on the days he feels alone
he knocks upon her open door.

by Jo Lynn Ehnes

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