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He told us to live life to the fullest
But all he was doing was trying to fool us

As my mom went to work to pay the bills
He would sit around the house popping pills

This life I live can it be
Or is it just a terrible terrible memory

I wake up to his face everday
And the bruises he gives her to stay

2 brothers 4 sisters
too many bruises and way to many stitches

I wish I could be strong to fight him back
But he punches me in the face and kicks me back

As I bang on the door to, let her go
She finally gets the nerve to say no

As she hits him in the head with a blunt object
She yells at him weeping not another dime spent

As we pack our bags and get ready to go
She takes one last glimpse at him and says to me lets go

Years go by I am raised in the church
Although my mamas cancer is begining to worse
My emotions go dry for the turn of the worst

The pain I feel cannot be described
except for the day she passed away December 9th

Now that both parents are dead
I cant even find the strength to get out of bed

Although she is gone
Her life and memory live on

This story is not written about me but the life my dad up with in St Louis. Missouri

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