His Touch

How can I explain his touch?
I'll try to put it to words

It's strong, firm, gentle and caring
His passion shows through
With the love that he's sharing

His hands are dry, calloused and tough
From working so hard to provide for us
But his hands are gentle, smooth as silk
When he holds me close, and until

We share each other in the night
His fingers gently glide
Sending chills down my sides
Like, it was the very first time

His hot breath on my skin
Churns the burning within
And the love that I long to share

His eyes pierce my soul, makes my heart skip so
It is at that very second that our souls meet
Then the flame is a flicker, the sparks subside
The feel, the look, they will never die

When my time comes and I take my last breath
It is his love, his touch, his breath I will miss
And those four little words that I love to hear
'I love you Pookey'
Is what you'll read on my urn

by Pookey's Poems

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