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His Touch
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His Touch

Poem By Crystal Maresh

His touch is intoxicating
His love is exquisite,
He has the most beautiful features ever seen
He also has a wonderful body.

Just the way he holds me
And tells me he loves me
Makes me feel like I’m floating
On love and pure sweet magic.

So sweet and yet rough
With those magical fingers
That with one touch..
Brings me to my knees.

I love him more then words can say,
And how he responds back to me
Makes it all feel better
In my heart and soul.

He’s there when I need it the most,
And cares for me without question.
He loves me equally
As I love him.

With each hug we give eachother
I grow to love him even more
His touch is so intoxicating,
That with one little touch,
My body explodes.

If this is what true love feels like,
Then I don’t ever want to give this up
I would do anything for him
Even sacrifice my own life to let him live
From all the dangers in the world
With my magic and his love.

His touch is intoxicating
His love is exquisite,
If this is true love
I don’t want to be without it.

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