I Must Have Wanton Poets

MUST have wanton poets, pleasant wits,
Musicians, that with touching of a string
May draw the pliant king which way I please:
Music and poetry is his delight;
Therefore I'll have Italian masks by night,
Sweet speeches, comedies, and pleasing shows;
And in the day, when he shall walk abroad,
Like sylvan nymphs my pages shall be clad;
My men, like satyrs grazing on the lawns,
Shall with their goat-feet dance the antic hay;
Sometime a lovely boy in Dian's shape,
With hair that gilds the water as it glides,
Crownets of pearl about his naked arms,
And in his sportful hands an olive-tree,
To hide those parts which men delight to see,
Shall bathe him in a spring; and there, hard by,
One like Actæon, peeping through the grove,
Shall by the angry goddess be transform'd,
And running in the likeness of an hart,
By yelping hounds pull'd down, shall seem to die:
Such things as these best please his majesty.

by Christopher Marlowe

Comments (4)

An interesting and intriguing write; this piece demonstrates the subtle convergence of travelling through life, driving on the road and intermingling with others (who are bound on their own personal journeys) . Nicely done.
I've re-thought my comment, Raynette. I now tend to fall into line with your verdict. The main point for me though, Herbert, is that it is a probing and intriguing piece of writing. You may have found 'Desert Ditty' by Linda Hepner in your inbox. A song of determination and optimism which I'm hoping will give you a boost. Love, Gina.
I am interested in Gina's comments, Herbert. I dont read the poem as she does at all. 'grinding of the trusty molar guard' denotes tension, not a firm sense of hope. The monkey swinging above the dash brings a sense of the rediculous to it 'both deamons of insane velocity.'And 'biting his nails in bitter privacy' adds to the unrest, the uncomfortable feelings of his new place during his travels. Only the clouds seem to have a purpose, a home. It is a fascinating poem, nontheless. Raynette
H, this is of course excellently crafted, telling, and 'make-me-think', and depicts both the outside scene and the inside turmoil-acceptance so hard (ie as a poem, , well done) that it hurts. Hurry back. Accomplish what you as a stranger in a foreign land (hmmn - aren't we all so often inside our own heads) seek to do, and will do, and then hurry back. t xxxxxxx