Historic Phenomenon

There is no Santa Claus
Bearing gifts flying in the skies
with reindeer.
And yet...
These scenes are worshipped!

That revelation may be traumatic for some...
But the statement is true!

There is no Easter Bunny
Nor talking mice
King Kong
Super, spider OR Bat men!

John Wayne? ?
Cowboys and Indians?
Disneyland and Hollywood?
Some 'truths' have been created,
And have done well!

There is a 'bush' in Washington, D.C.
That is miraculously jumping through hoops,
In the White House!
Unscathed...without a scratch,
Or with a hint of one to come.
And as slick as the oil in Iraq!

This is an historic phenomenon...
beholding us all.
There is no magician greater,
That can create a better illusion...
And keep it sustained to hypnotize all
In complete acceptance of its appearance...
In unconditional awe!
It's 'biblical'...
And the suspense is astounding.
Every scene is a popcorn poppers' dream!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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