AS (20/04/1987 / )

*(Histories Blight)

For centuries man has fought,
he's sharpened his swords,
he's serrated his knives,
he's holstered his guns,
and ended so many lives.

It's man's endless fight
that's histories blight

For centuries man has murdered,
he's hardened his stones,
he's heated his flames,
he's lashed his whips,
and beat the innocent man to shame.

In the shadow of night
that's histories blight

For centuries man has waged war,
he's polished his muskets,
he's poisoned his arrows,
he's fused his bombs,
he's ambushed from the shadows
as he plans his victories.

In plain sight
that's histories blight
and we still think we have it right

How great our blight is!

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hi, very nice and thought provoking poem. i like the way you bring out your feelings so niceely and in simple words. thanks for sharing.