042911k Drifting Thought

i'm half awake when i heard
i couldn't decipher any words
i could only say no, my norm
why would i suffer too much
trying to be nice, this planet
sure hell for person like me

i drifted back to sleep, i know
to gather strength for tomorrow
against beast on green, no fangs
but dimples that glides to thin air
searching for a cup to rattle on
we never understood each other

by Manonton Dalan

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To be able to truly appreciate this poem, it is my opinion that one needs not only to train the eye, but also the soul. Borges achieves both the beauty of simplicity and complexity in this poem. Simplicity, because he used simple, easy-to-understand words. Complexity, because although the presentation may be simple, the poem displays a universe of varying meanings, where every re-reading may yield new meanings, new perspective. To enjoy this poem, the reader needs to approach it with absolute honesty and truthfulness, otherwise, the reader may be missing a real, rare gem.
i only liked the begining of it.
So there was night, and then a word for it. Borges does not get anywhere near a poetic expression of the transition between the wordless experience of night and the creation of a word for it. The constant references to knowledge which the reader may or may not have are both irritating and irrelevant. I repeat, a poem should contain all the information needed for an understanding of it. Whoever mentioned Shakespeare's neologisms as a response to my last comment is well off the track I beat thereby.
Words capture man's nature. Day and night created by, GOD, very simple. Then man through invention, adds to the simple beauty of GODS creation. Making his life more complex and trying by invention.
The night we know has beginning and end! But the night in the Universe is endless! The myths and the messages of night we all know from the poems of poets since long start from the first literary out put in the world. In this poem the poet touches of a few important aspects well!
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