(June 16th,1971 / Hull, Quebec, Canada)

History Of The Unites States: Preface

As things now stand
the criticism advanced
no teacher of history will deny this
we have omitted
all descriptions of battles
the time-honored stories of exploration
and the biographies of heroes are left out

First, there is the primary book
civil war

No youth called upon to serve

so useful
in arousing
the interest of the immature
upon negative features
upon constructive features
this condition of affairs
time-honored stories

the addition of forty or fifty thousand words

the historians assume

more facts, more dates, more words

In this condition of affairs
our first contribution is one of omission

pupils know little or nothing
about Columbus
Cortes, Magellan, or
Captain John Smith

it is useless to tell the same stories
It is worse than useless
it is an offense against
those subjects
that are demonstrated to be
in character

In the field of military
teachers of history are mere novices

The dramatic scene
seems out of place
on the very threshold
of life's
serious responsibilities

we find our justification
in American history

©MMVIII Derek R. Audette

by Derek R. Audette

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