Hitler's Ideas, Before He Came To Power.(His Pact With The Devil) .

Remember me when'st my heart...Began it's fatal horror-ed start.

I beseech thee to spread my name...So that one day, I may have my fame.

I will be up at my best game...Therefore you yourself, will not have the same.

Power, at it's worst...Your last ride, will be in a dark grey Hearse.

Your seat will be made of pine...And that with me, is totally fine.

I am the Devil incarnate...My appetite of infinite.

Quest for my test...My name is Hitler, First is Adolph from Germany's best.

I will soon be the world's only leader...America-I assuredly will beat her.

I will defeat her...Of me she shall call me, Sir!

Of this fact, I am sure...America will be my boot licking cur.

I will rule all the Earth...Making one and all, very sorry, since their sorry and pathetic, birth.

by Michael Gale

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