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Hiv Positive Man (Last Words)

Hiv Positive Man (Last Words)

Poem By Mphathi Thobumoya Mbhele

Let my children be shown
My grave
Tell my children
My secret
Let my mom be called
To see His son
Yes i know i messed up
If only i knew
I would have not followed
Bad friends
Bad friends who leaded to
The grave yard
I ate drugs in the day light
I left them talking
Warning me about this world
U only live once
Use the only chance u have
So u would harvest what u sow
If i listened
When my parents told me that i will be old fashioned
I have failed my kids
I was supposed to maintain them
But i became a loose man
Who never gave attention to my hungry kids
But i never slept with a empty stomach
Elders told me that I will see with the results of my
Sickness is now my best friend
Playing games with me
Oh my young children
Let my children be shown
My grave
Tell my children
My secret
Even when they ask mama where is daddy
U tell them that he left for work
We got hooked with prostitutes
He fell for golds and diamonds
I don't blame him
He was fooled
He could not lay money on the table
Don't forget to tell them that their father was supposed
to watch u grow
But now he doesn't know
He wished u could be a wise man
But he never taught u
He wanted to change your surname
But didn't pay for the damages
He never paid for the damages
Don't see me talking this words that are breath taking
It's just that i see this sun setting
It setting nomalanga
Please light for my children
Tell them not to be like me
also introduce them to my mom
I know it's painful to see the various playing with me
Please come near me
Listen to my words
U will be always be on my heart
U will cry
They will be dry
I will be in the heavens with my Lord
yes i will be punished for my sins
But when i die please
Let my children be shown
My grave
Tell my children
My secret
Please forgive me for my sins
While im still alive
Please tell them about my life i lived
Please narrate them about my life
So that they won't live my life
Warn the world let them know
The doer doesn't deserve tears
It's painful
But im scared When it's like this
They are nowhere to be seen
With their beauty
They left me with their disease
Let my children not be like me
Be their mother and be their father
Give them the parental love
The one last thing is...........................................
............(He died while he did not finish the deeds of
the world they are bitter untasteful)

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