DH (Unknown. / )

Hmm.. Little Wonders..

It was like the first time.. that I've spoke to the Voice of an Angel.. so sweet and so calm.. her voice makes my heart skip a beat.. the way she makes me feel will forever remain.
Funny how we are so far.. yet..she is the only one thats got my heart.
I must say.. You take my breath away.. theres no explaining in how much I truly love you. Or how much, I wanna tell you how I feel..

Time will go by, that I know.. but I'll always be yours..
heart and all..

(someone asked me once.. what do you think bout soulmates.. I say.. its a miracle to find one. then I was asked.. if you were to see your soul once, and never again.. or to never have known/seen your soulmate.. which would you choose.. Of course I'd choose to meet her! lol at least once.. whats a soul mate to you?)

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