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Maybe it’s a good thing that the Romans killed Jesus.
I don’t mean that it’s good that he suffered and died,
but his punishment sure was better than what would
happen to him today under the U.S. penal system. I can
just see him sitting in his cell on D Block worrying
about whether Bubba is going to sell him for a pack of

Maybe he could get on a work detail resurfacing county
highways or something. He could ingratiate himself
with the guards by spouting all sorts of spiritual
gobbledygook, and maybe they’d let down their guard
and he could make a getaway and be across the state
line before they have time to issue an All Points
Bulletin. He’ll have to shave off his beard and lie low,
maybe hang out under railroad trestles with hobos
whose messed up lives would make them particularly
susceptible to his proselytizing.

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Well Prof, I think you have something going here. We could call the church he establishes 'The Church of the Underpass', or 'The Railroad to Heaven', or 'Trestle Mania', or 'The Halleluja Hobos, Well, you get my drift.
Under Pontious Pilot, Jesus was found to have no faults. In today's judicial system he would be ordered looked up in a mental hospital. (Yes perhaps it's better he died on the cross)
Ah, professor, you and Jesus!
PPH: Neat proposition. But why stop there? What happens to J after he concludes with the hobos? Martin