Flying In Victory

We are white angels, we are flying,
In victory gained by wisdom and love,
Gaining God's grace in top of mount,
We are flying with fine angelic bodies.

After perfection in deep mediation,
Gaining concentration of hope and trust,
We have learnt the art of flying of course,
Power of inner core is awakened purely.

Now we feel fine and light like cotton,
Like clouds in sky we fly carrying light,
White clothes we wear in vast horizon,
No attachment is there at all in matters.

Leaving behind worldly attachments,
Gaining perfection of self awakening,
Getting true wisdom taught by our God,
Now we are flying in victory towards him.

Doing rain of mercy in Earth gifted by God,
Giving his trust worthy message of command,
We are flying towards heaven for Golden Age,
New sunrise of paradise will bring rays of gold.

© Kumarmani Mahakul,26 November 2017. All rights reserved.

by Kumarmani Mahakul

Comments (3)

Heart renting one truly inexplicable byme
Wonderful poem, in a few stanzas Thomas Campbell has described the horror and glory of war.
The rhythm of this poem pounded like a war horse's hooves- carrying us inexorably forward to the battlefield - this poem exemplifies the enhancing properties of rhythm. A great piece of literature in my humble opinion.