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Hold Me Daddy
NAB (New Years of 1983 / North Carolina)

Hold Me Daddy

White wilted petals drift down and land on cold linoleum floor
It's evident she is tired but her yawn proves it even more

So restless she slowly makes her way to daddy's reach
The scent of her hair is that of lavender and peach

And as daddy picks her up he breathes her in
He can only think to himself being this loved must be a sin

Daddy's beautiful little girl reads him stories before bed
He tucks her in with a kiss on the cheek and a pat on the head

He wishes so much he could keep her forever this young
But not letting her grow is like a beautiful song unsung

Though boys pass through her life Dad knows he's her man
Then comes the day a gentleman asks for her hand

'Dad' she says 'I'll always love you the same'
With watering eyes Dad proves his love by giving her away

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