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Hold My Hand
DK (honestly why would i tell you? / does it matter?)

Hold My Hand

'No you really shouldn't hold my hand, it's dry and bleeding'
'You really don't get it do you? '
'What do you mean? '
'The important part is that it's yours, and I love you, I love all of you '

That why it means so much
That's why I have this dream and many more
Because I feel like I'm someone, or something to abhor
But when someone treats me like 'I'm worth it' and such
It means more than words can describe
I dream of this conversation thinking of a girl to ascribe
It to, but even in my dreams
It seems
That I could never even imagine up girls like the ones that are made
I could never imagine their complexities
And personalities
Compared to those creations my imagination is just a charade
It's a joke, the real beauty that God called woman
These creations, these masterpieces I'm sure they've already exceeded
My expectation, of even this seemingly terribly romantic situation
But even so

I still feel alone.
With no one to hold my hand
So now my imagination comforts me while destroying me
Sometimes I just wish someone
Would hold my hand.

This desire for love... could it possibly be from you God?
Why does it create such pain....
Aren't you always there even when life seems to wain
Aren't you holding my hand
Because even so

I still feel alone


Sorry God for not having stronger faith, I love you
But even so I still feel alone.

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