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Hold My Head
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Hold My Head

Poem By Justin Zahn

Hold my head, hold my head.
Watch! For the time spent aching
and shaking,
my head may lose its center
as my heart may lose its beat.

'Proceed, Recede!
Back to your domain,
for the night is still young.
Close up your arms; your heart;
you Fool!
Step down from there; to here;
you're surely to fall!
Back, back; come here,
don't fear,
for your night is too young.'

Don't tear,
don't swear,
I feel the ware;
you tore
now leave
the sore to be;
for scars,
don't think,
you mean to leave.
But pick and pick,
till white bear quite,
a sight to see,
on bright pale skin.

'Wake up, wake up!
Do you not see the time?
Do you not see the sea
I told you to find?
Look hard, look hard;
but you can't see,
for still too dark,
your night,
to see.'

My eyes, my eyes,
whats over their view?
What's this? What's this?
A shadow from who?
The light,
so bright,
reviving and striving,
my dark, dark night,
be gone through dawn's brightening...

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