Still Standing

Never will I let worries ever break me
I will take all, that anyone can give
I will not ask for help, when I can rely on myself
How else should a man, truly live.
When the world of mine seems to be falling down
And the world and people become so demanding
I will be like a wall, so solid and so tall
And always, I will be there standing.

Never will I give up on anything
I will be there till I am dead or the job is done
I will give no excuse, or let any laziness loose
I will not leave until that task has been won.
When the oceans of the world are flooding
And the waters will rise up to my landing
I will not run away, and then wait for a sunny day
As always there, I will be standing.

I will always remember how I had been raised
I know bettering myself is my greatest gain
I will always be myself, and not anyone else
while many others live in their suffering and pain.
When people are lying and false accusing
And their ways and lies become more commanding
When they believe their lies, I will not run and hide
As always, I will be there standing.

I know some believe they are better than me
Because of their teaching or what they might learn
But all I know, is they’re lost inside their soul
And praise from anyone is what they do yearn.
When they look for help they're no one to be found
And no one to listen with a heart full of understanding
Then they might wish, they had not forgotten that kiss
And still there, I will be standing.

I know the days on our Earth are all numbered
I know the end of our days will someday be here
Will we not all reflect, of our sins we didn't reject
Hoping that GOD, was then nowhere near.
We will all enter into the same judgment room
Where GOD will do his judging and then his branding
Then all will be revealed, as the sinners cry and kneel
But next to GOD, I will be there standing.

Randy L. McClave

by Randy McClave

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Kenneth, such an inspiring thought👍👍👍