Hold On

Write it on a paper if you can't read it out to me
I'll be your voice when you scream out in silence.
Pour your heart to me, trust me nothing will change the love I have for you.

Give me all your pain; ill promise you I won't complaint.
I won't judge. I'll just be me.
Hold my hand, I promise you I will walk through storms by your side.
I won't let it go out of my reach.

Hold my hand, I promise you I will carry you safe in my arms till you reach your destination.
I will stand by you when the world turns out on you. I will be the light at the end of your cascading tunnel.

Hold on to the little amount of love I have, I promise I won't let you go.
Even if the road seems harsh and rocky let me guide you.
For the love I have is pure and true.

by zion anisius

Comments (2)

Words of promise for your sweetheart.. Lovely poem +++10
A nice poetic imagination, Zion. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks