(08-30-60 / Metro Manila, Philippines)

Hold On

An island in the stream
No high tide could sink
Like then, the grand Titanic
They said God couldn't sink
'I've got to be me! ',
as you loudly proclaimed
You seemed to know all
You were always in control

Born with a silver spoon
Never ever had been fooled
You've been a thousand battles
You have won a lot of girls
You always looked upward
But never reached for God
You never looked downward,
Of your high-esteemed profile

But, where are you now...
Hiding in the meadow
Lurking behind the shadow
Of a then aggressive bloke
Your boat is now cupsizing
You know what you're missing?
Exult not yourself! Be humble
And stoop down to our level

Glamour deteriorates
At the prime of our age
Branded of less substance
As those days paralyzed
Weakening defenses...
Weakened of resistance
And failing to realize...
Values sown in abundance

Somehow between then and now...
The crudity of a bombastic life
Bragging every inch of what you've had
From trivial success, brain and stance
From tedious pride you caused to drown
A boaster's life turned upside down
Never thought life has a sudden twist
From a Master of fate, God never sleeps

Now silenced in so many ways
Murmured rebel in one corner,
Traces of your glorious past
When fame and wealth collided
The will of God had spoken
A purpose-driven act...
He had put you on your back
So you will look at Him up

A simple life of gentleness
The fruit of our humility
Judgement we welcome giving
Others benefits of the doubt
With human's limited power,
Never a sin to aim high
But always see to it that
Feet still flat on the ground

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