JA (July 1949 / Harlem)

Hold On, Lord Gone Meet Me By The River

“Hold on, hold on, the light get brighter,
at the Calvary, mountain ain’t far,
O, the lord say, he gone set me free,
“Hold on, “Hold On, “ O, yea, meet you, at the
Mountain on Calvary,

“Hold on, “Hold on,
“Lord de’ night get colder,
Aint noth’en gone stop me,
Lord get much stronger
Gone Complete my Journey the Calvary

I'se been on de road into heaven, my Lord!
I can't stay behind, I’se
Holding on, too the lord send
For thee.

Hold on, Lord said; Hold on
Brudder Jesus going to meet
on the other side of Calvary

Hold on, Hold on
Da’ lord said believe
I shall set you free

Hold on, Hold on, the light
Gets lighter at the Calvary
Lord said ain’t no need
To cry, master lord
Said trouble don’t last forever
Lay your burden upon thee,

Hold on, Hold on,
Light brighter at
The Calvary

Hold on, Hold on
Hold on my Chilean
Lord said he gon make my
Enemy set me free

Hold on, Hold on
Lord gon be at the
Light, I shall then be free.

Lord said Satan had no claim on me.
Hold on little Chilean
Hold on, lord said he
Gon’e take my burden
from thee.

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