DLK (Dec.1948 / Lake Forest, Illinois)

Hold On To Your Aircastles

Precious ideals crumble away when life becomes a compromise.

Further erosion of ideals occur in pursuit of the almighty dollar.

Replaced with intolerances and meaningless material things.

Illusions built by a necessity to cope.

Time poisoned while living those illusions.

An unknown world further confused by choices intrudes valuable time.

Opportunity is lost by choices not made.

A choice is made by disregard.

Choose those important and disregard those not.

Living life presents enough challenge.

Do not just endure life, instead LIVE IT.

Devotion, strength and belief in oneself is imperative.

Making possible change for a better life.

Dream, Plan, Scheme, Desire, Want.

But most of all THINK:


by Daniel Lloyd Kennedy

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