Hold Onto Me

Hold Onto Me
When you want to let go
I won't leave you crying
I won't leave you all alone

My love for you is strong
Just know that I care
I will never abandon you
I will always be right there

Please don't go
Stay here with me
I will never lose my hold
As long as you believe

I am never going to hurt you
I will never bring tears to your eyes
Forever I will love you
Until the very end of time

Hold Onto Me
With a grip of steel
I will hold on just as tight
And help you heal

Hold on with all your strength
Hold on with your life
Let me bring you smiles
Let me chase the darkness from the night

I'll never turn my back on you
I'll mend your broken heart
I'll pull you from your suffering
I'll protect you as you fall apart

This is what I swear to you
This is our forever
My heart is yours to keep
It will leave you never

You are in a lot of pain
I know and understand
But never stop fighting it
Keep your grip on my hand

So Hold Onto Me
Even when you want to let go
For as long as you keep holding on
You will never be alone

by Tatianna Rei Moonshadow

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