Hold To My Hand Until You Understand

Tho now darkly we see, we do not understand how it could be.
For our eyes cannot see beyond you and me, Our minds too finite to comprehend.
And so, our hearts feel like they'll never mend.
We plunge deeper into darkness and despair, without waiting, watching, or believing in repair.
The darkness comes before the light, sunshine comes before the night,
Hope comes at the end of the tunnel.
So, hold to the unchanging hand until we understand.
Look up and be lifted up, time will pass, the heartache will not last.
Time Too little, too much, can we control the likes of such?
Hustle bustle fast paced life, 'twill only bring us loneliness and strife.
No where to go, nothing to do, standing idly by as it passes you.
Can we go backward to undo what we have done, to do what we should?
No, for time marches on from dawn to dawn, forever passing along.

by Katherine J. Ison

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