(6th September,1987. / West Bengal, India)

****hold Your Breath***

‘Hold your breath baby, I’m back’
‘I knew you’d give me a strange stare’
‘I’ve driven back the whole night only for you’
‘And it was so cold & stormy out there.’

‘Why do you look so aflutter? ’
‘Ha! I just wanted to give you a surprise’
‘Sorry, I’ve not told you before’
‘But what did you say? It wasn’t wise? ’

‘Are you trying to hide anything? ’
‘And who’s that behind you by the way’
He broke in & the sight left him spellbound,
His shivering knees almost gave away.

‘Oh! Sorry, I might have disturbed you’
‘Well…Goodbye, I’ll better come another day.’
Though there was still love for him in her angel eyes,
It’s pity, he surmised, out of dismay.

He left the doors banging & shaken
Swaying like his heart, beating out of control.
It was raining hard alfresco again,
And deep in his shattered soul, the thunder rolled.

Jaded body, bruised mind,
He harked back to the car.
Watching her crying at the doorstep,
He rushed towards his destiny, unknown, afar.

The love he thought eternal
And for years the love he found so warm,
Only a moment of treason had mixed in it
Incredulity, a vitriolic venom.

But yet if he could hate her, he would have forgot
That he had loved her so much before,
But he strived hard to make it but could not,
And loved her even more.

Wipers were there doing what they could do,
But there was none to wipe his eyes.
Tears filled & spilled them over
To be finally rolled down his cheeks.

His vision was obscured & he didn’t resist,
The car headed fast towards the bend.
He sighed to see it had been already too late,
‘Hold your breath’, but he didn’t fear the end.

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Comments (4)

Very good narrative Arijit...and as Margaret says you have talent....10++
You tell a story very well, it is the kind of story that would appear in a newspaper and leaves me with a bitter taste, I prefer such good poetic talent as yours used to spread ideals, not kill them, but I respect your right to focus on anything you feel attracted to.
Likewise Dr. Sheth I too say 'Hold your breath' good write-----
love sucks..........life sucks.........detachment works.........hold your breath........10+++