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Holden Cauldfield
RJM (April 11,1987 / México)

Holden Cauldfield

Hold In Cauld Field...
stay in inocence,
is that what you meant
Mr. Salinger?

stay in the sphere,
that all of you constructed,
the building that you made up for us,
but even the tallest Babel tower
can fall upon us.

even the most beautifull
and perfect cage,
made of gold or love and care,
it's still a jail,
and we, young people,
always try to break away.

nine months, and eighteen years
that's all it last,
then we're by our own,
in this people eating world.

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Comments (3)

Some are innocent for not more than a decade, how cruel, how tough, how bad,
wow i really like this poem you really captured the whole idea of the young breaking out and becoming adults even if it means freeing ourselves from something tahts great.
Roberta, beautiful work! This poem holds the passion that a lot of us lost after we were defeated by the system. My advice to you is the same advice that was given to me a long time ago: 'Success lies in doing not what others consider to be great but what you consider to be right'. (John Gray)