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Holding A Star (C) 1-26-2010
CT (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)

Holding A Star (C) 1-26-2010

If for a minute I could hold a star in my hand
I really don’t know what I would do with it
Could I even go through with it
Hold true to it
Between my hands I think I would slather glue in it
Just so that it couldn’t get away

A piece of heaven caught in my palms
It’s heat caressing my fingers
Soothing the aches and pains of a pseudo-arthritis
Caused by over usage of video games

It would probably dance
Between my hands
Doing headstands
That it’d land for a grand span
Then spin strobing it’s excitement as it seeps into the air

This celestial being called to by name from the Almighty
Just excites me to know that I have the honor to hold it
I don’t think I could control it
I’d rather console it if it started flickering
I’d take my time to get to know it

And I’d grow with it

I’d never wanna let go of it
Even if it turns blue,
Secreting gas, expanding to the point where it bursts out as a reaction of a super nova
My open phalanges would still envelop it coated with spirit
I told you I’d never wanna let it go
But I’d let it breathe slightly opening my hands enough
So as not to let it slip away but see the freedom of life

When I spread my fingers
In essence it’s illuminating luminescent will blind fluorescents
Outshinin exuberant effervescent that works as a suppressant for depression
Forgin a quiescent state incessant like the crescent moon
Then when I close my hand it will become evanescent

But not because it’s forced to vanish
But because it will soon have found my inner palms as home
The zone where it can breathe freely without feeling alone
Not like in space that had no sound and everything witnessed the same fate
While it wanted to create it had no say on its physical shape
But when it wanted me to release I’d open my hands and say
Be safe when you fly away one day I’ll be a star headed your way

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