! Take Me Away!

This is a joint poem between me and a friend: Alex Rodriguez. She is a great poet and if you like this then have a look at her works also! ! ! ! A round of applause for Alexis! ! ! !

Death come and get me
This pain is so much for me
I cuted my wrist
The blood is to much
Im feeling so weak
Please come and take me now!

The world is so dark,
No light shines through,
Not even a sliver of moon,
I'm all alone,
No company except pain,
The ver pain that haunts me,
Taunts me,
And so i ask, no make that beg,
Please death, o god i beg you,
Please come and take me now!

I need a bit of mercy this time
It hurts so much
Tell pain to stop! !
I'm so full of darkness

I cannot hold it all,
This weight on my shoulders,
Why does this pain hurt me,
What have i done?
To warrant such pain,
Some inescapable sin?
I beg you
As i do every day,
Please, please,
Death, just take me away

by Kieran J1996

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