Holding On

When times are tough
and the going gets rough.
When you think you don't have what it takes
and everything you say is a mistake.

When you give up hope or trust or love.
When there's nothing anyone can say to make you good enough.

When the hill gets hard and you just cant be stuffed.
just keep on pushing until you become unstuck.
Because the feeling of holding on to hope or trust or love..
is better than anything of the above.

So don't lose faith in what you're trying to do
and hold on tight to what you have to.
Because in the end it all works out.
life's just a ride, just don't hop out.

by Sterling Arnet

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Nice write! It's cool getting what you feel into words, huh? Hmm..I'm not saying that you do..but if ever you have problems with rhyming or rhythm, there's also a poetry style called 'free verse' wherein you can say what you feel without thinking of 'what word rhymes with..' or the count of your syllables. Poetry isn't anything about those two, it's listening to how you feel and putting it into writing, no matter how grammatically wrong it is. A 10 from me!
great message, good poem except some of the 'rhyming' seemed forced. It could be a great poem if you just say what you want to say, don't worry about making it rhyme. (I don't say this to be mean, just as realistic critique. I hope you (or anyone else reading this) will give honest feedback to me as well. Cheers, Angela
Your perseverence just got you a ten from me.Good work! ! ! !
yea took me like 5 minutes. i was writing it for my ex girlfriend, because she just gave up on me too much. But it is just one of my little personal ones that have more meaning to me. please check my other ones out. and tell me what you think.
That's a gud try, as you said do not give up hope and keep working towards your goal.vry inspirational.